Goodbye: But not for long

So it's the end of the semester which means this blog is technically over.  However, I feel like researching and learning more about exercising is a great outlet for me.  I truly enjoy this topic and never gave learning about it much effort.  For those who follow and read my posts, I hope to continue this blog.  With this being said, it's the end of the semester which means I am cramped for time finishing labs, projects and finals! (Yikes)  I will be absent from this blog for a good two weeks due to finishing school, moving back to Texas and helping my family with a wedding.  I will try to keep everyone updated with the blogs status.

I hope everyone finishes finals with a bang and enjoys the rest of May! I'll be back! 


Jen said...

Cam, I hope you do come back! And let us know how your training goes--I hope to see follow-up posts. Have fun planning your sister's wedding!

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